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Transform Your Classroom with EcoGrow Line A Leap into Sustainable Learning In the quest for a greener future and more hands-on education, ATP Technologies presents EcoGrow Pro—a state-of-the-art vertical hydroponic farming system designed exclusively for educational environments.

EcoGrow Pro introduces students to sustainable agricultural practices, highlighting the urgent need for water conservation and responsible resource management. It provides a tangible demonstration of how innovative solutions can address pressing global challenges.

Why EcoGrow Pro:

Real-World Science Applications

This system isn't just about growing plants; it's about cultivating young minds. By integrating real-time data analysis, nutrient management, and environmental monitoring, students gain hands-on experience with the scientific method in action.

STEM Integration

From understanding the biochemical processes of photosynthesis to engineering their own hydroponic systems, students engage with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a dynamic, interactive setting. EcoGrow Pro makes STEM disciplines tangible and exciting.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

As they monitor and adjust the growth conditions of their plants, students learn to think critically and solve problems. They'll make data-driven decisions and observe the consequences of their actions, skills that are invaluable in any field of study or career.

Educational Versatility

EcoGrow Pro is adaptable across various age groups and educational levels. Whether it's elementary students observing the lifecycle of a plant or high schoolers conducting complex experiments, the system offers a range of learning opportunities.

Climate and Nutritional Education

With EcoGrow Pro, students will understand the role of modern agriculture in combating climate change and improving nutrition. They'll explore solutions to feed a growing population without harming the planet.

Fostering Eco-Conscious Innovators: EcoGrow Pro in Education

By integrating EcoGrow Pro into your curriculum, your school will not only be at the forefront of educational innovation but also demonstrate a commitment to nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious and technologically savvy individuals. It's an investment that yields growth—both in plants and in young minds.

The EcoGrow Pro Benefits:

A hands-on learning experience that transcends traditional classroom boundaries.
Encourages environmental stewardship and a passion for sustainability.
Equips students with future-ready skills in a tech-centric world.
Fosters collaboration, communication, and leadership as students work together on their hydroponic projects.
Provides an ongoing educational platform that evolves with the curriculum.

EcoGrow Pro Basic

A state-of-the-art vertical hydroponic farming system, comprising a lightweight metal structure on wheels for easy transportation and high-quality PVC tubes that can accommodate up to 100 plants. It includes a 30-gallon tank with a pump and an LED lighting system to enhance plant growth.
The basic version is supplied with 3 combined sensors in a single robust probe: pH electrode with renewable fiber junction, amperometric sensor for EC/TDS, and integrated temperature sensor for readings with automatic temperature compensation. The probe, designed for hydroponic applications, it allows for continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day, of pH, conductivity (EC and TDS), and temperature in hydroponic nutrient solutions. Quick to set up and simple to use, this indicator has been designed for hydroponics, aquaponics, soilless cultivation, and greenhouses.
3 LED Grow 40W, 90 cm
Capacity 80 L, L 21 gallons, dimensions: 650x450x280cm 256x177x110 inches
DUSKTEC LED Transformer 24V 200W, 8.3A 220 24V DC Power Supply, IP67 Waterproof Outdoor LED Driver.
5 Schuko socket slots 1 magnetothermic differential switch - 1P+N C10 230V 50/60Hz 1 equipped life saver switch
Weight and dimensions of the system
79 kg; 174 pounds
Maximum overall dimensions
142cm x 60cm x 190cm (height); 55.91 inches x 23.62 inches x 74.80 inches (height) 

EcoGrow Pro Standard

The same features as the basic version, but instead of the 3-sensor probe, it comes equipped with a comprehensive range of sensors for in-depth measuring and data collection
BAT-202 Battery Module
Capacity: 2300 mAh
Maximum Output Current: 0.5 A
Over Output Current Protection: 0.5 A
Module Output Voltage: 4.7-5 V
Module Input Charging Voltage: 4.5-6 V
Module Input Current: 500 mA
WIFI-202 Wi-Fi Communication Module
NUL-204 Light Logger Sensor
Range and operation modes (in lx): 0 to 1,000; 0 to 6,000; 0 to 150,000
ADC resolution: 16 bit
Resolution: 1 lx; 1 lx; 6 lx
Max rate (S/sec): 3000
NUL-205 Oxygen Logger Sensor
Range and operation modes: 0 to 1,500 mW/m²
ADC resolution: 15 bit
Resolution: 0.2 mфW/m²
Max rate (S/sec): 100
NUL-230 UVB Logger Sensor
Range and operation modes: 0 to 1,500 mW/m²
ADC resolution: 15 bit
Resolution: 0.2 mфW/m²
Max rate (S/sec): 100
NUL-232 UVA Logger Sensor
Range and operation modes: 0 to 65,000 mW/m²
ADC resolution: 15 bit
Resolution: 5 mW/m²
Max rate (S/sec): 100

EcoGrow Pro Advanced

In addition to the sensors and wireless communication modules featured in the EcoGrow Pro, the Advanced version includes the Nido One V2 fertigation system.
The Nido One V2 fertigation system is an all-in-one solution for automated feeding of soilless crops, ensuring stability and precision in managing the fundamental parameters for the growth of healthy and productive plants. Nido One V2 offers an easy-to-use mobile application, allowing for flexible and fast remote control of all cultivation parameters. Furthermore, with NIDO LAB, the advanced web management platform of NIDO ONE V2, users can analyze data and access all parameters, exporting the data in Excel format.
Reading scale: from 4 to 10
Reading scale: from 4 to 10
Accuracy: 0.1
Calibration: 2 points (7.01 and 4.01) with warning system
Reading scale: from 0 to 5.0 mS
Resolution: 0.01 mS
Accuracy: 0.1 mS
Calibration: 2 points (7.01 and 4.01) with warning system
Automatic EC/TDS temperature compensation
Reading scale: from 0 to 50 degree
Resolution: 0.1 degree
Accuracy: 0.2 degrees
Thermometer sensor: Texas Instruments
Reading scale: from 10 to 100% RH
Resolution: 1% RH
Accuracy: 2% RH
Hygrometer sensor: Texas Instruments
Voltage: 220 V
Max consumption: 3 – 30 W
Protection: IPX4
Tank volume: from 10 to 10,000 liters
Dimensions: 370 x 220 x 200 h (mm)
Weight: 2.00 kg

Versatile Educational Applications:

Plant Growth Monitoring:

Utilize advanced sensors for real-time data on environmental factors affecting plant growth.

Photosynthesis Study:

Investigate oxygen production and CO2 consumption in a controlled environment.

Water Quality Control:

Analyze water chemistry and its crucial role in hydroponics.

Nutrient Analysis:

Delve into the science behind nutrient composition and plant growth.

System Design and Control:

Foster engineering skills in designing, building, and managing hydroponic systems.

Data Analysis:

Develop critical thinking through sensor data analysis, identifying trends and mathematical relationships.

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